This Course is Currently Closed for Updating

Digital marketing is always changing. So in order to keep the information relevant and valuable to you and your business, we're revisiting the content for this course. For the most updated information, check out Season 3 of The Little Fish Podcast: The School of Marketing.

Free Marketing Course

Learn How to Get Results from Your Website

This course will teach you how to transform your website into a thriving and effective sales person.
  • 3 things every potential customer is looking for
  • How to get the attention of your website visitors
  • How to get a truckload of positive reviews
  • 2 ways to eliminate your customer's perceived risk
  • How to show up in local Google searches
  • 4 strategies for using Social Media effectively
  • How to maximize your digital advertising dollars
  • 5 ways to use email to reach and build an audience
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